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14 labels from Yury from Zaporizhzhya. Chernigiv brewery- Riga beer, Cherngiv beer, Zhiguli beer, Barley ear. Nizhin brewery - Zhiguli beer, Nizhin traditional beer, Golden crown, Pimpinella, Czech beer. Rogan JSC - Slobozhanske beer. Nova Bavaria JSC - Dozen. Slavutych JSC - Khortyzya beer, Zhiguli beer, Arsenal strong.


Added 8 labels for the actual football theme. Sarmat - Gather a collection of champions: Netherlands from Viktor Kovach, Denmark, Germany, Greece, France, Spain. Kalush brewery - Kalush eksportowe beer to Krakiv to football, Kalush eksportowe beer to Lviv to football.


Added 9 labels. Radomyshl brewery - Al Capone black. Poltava brewery - Zhiguli beer. Slavutych JSC - Arsenal strong. First privately brewery - Wheat beer. Khmelnitsky brewery - Zhiguli beer, Khmelnitsky light beer. Podil brewery - Zhiguli beer. SUN InBev - Chernigiv light beer, Pub Lager beer.


We have long had a page in facebook, but in Russian. Now there is also a page in English


Added 9 labels. Rivne brewery - Premium beer. Poltava brewery - Barley ear, Dikanka nights. Simferopol brewery - Captain beer. Obolon - Hike Valentine's. Opillya JSC - Coryphaeus. Podil brewery - Gostiny Dvor, Steam dark beer, Steam light beer.


Added 9 labels. Uman brewery - Zhiguli beer. Poltava brewery - Riga beer, Anton Grubi draft beer. Slavuta brewery - Sangushko princess. Luzk brewery - Zeman wheat beer. Obolon - Light beer, Premium beer, Velvet beer, Wheat beer.


Christmas holidays are over, it's time to get down to business. Now add 16 labels. Again, start with the Christmas labels from Uman brewery - Zhiguli beer. Next, four labels from Rogan : Near beer, Chernigiv nonalcoholic beer, another Chernigiv nonalcoholic beer and Chernigiv Maximum beer. Next, Kaltenberg spezial from Mykulynzi. From Obolon - Live beer and Exclusive. From Lisichansk brewery - Chumazke beer, Zhiguli beer и Moscow beer. Next, Southern Bavaria dark beer from Melitopol brewery, Zhiguli beer from Poltava brewery and Chernigiv Gold beer. Finally, 2 labels from Luzk brewery - Zeman dark beer and Zeman traditional beer.


Will soon the New Year. And today New Year labels. For a start - a new label from Uman brewery Zhiguli beer. And some old Christmas beer labels from dima-beer's collection: Bogdan and 999 from Cherkasy, Honey beer from Kupyansk, Kirovograd holiday beer from Kirovograd, Krym light beer from Simferopol, Zhiguli beer from Kyiv, Fastiv light beer from Fastiv, Captain from Odesa, three options of Okhtyrka light beer - 1, 2, 3 and Zaporizhzhya New Year beer.


Added 14 labels: Cervena Selka and Zhiguli bar beer from Radomishl, Ice beer, Tuborg X Fresh and Baltika non-alcoholic beer from Slavutych, another version of Zhiguli beer from Podil, Near-beer form First privately brewery, Live beer and White lion from Lviv, Draft beer from Poltava, Zhiguli beer from Rivne, Premium beer, Beck's, Staropramen from Chernigiv.


Hot new labes! Old new beer from Obolon - Barley ear and new label - Obolon strong beer. Greetings from Crimea: Light beer, Strong beer, Ten, Twelve, Light unpasteurized beer. And a few more labels: Zhiguli beer from Donetsk, Zhiguli beer from Poltava, Pavlivske beer from Oleksandr Tsygolko and two old labels from Obolon - Capital beer and Capital pasteurized beer.


Now we return to the modern labels: Zhiguli beer from Uman, Proskuriv beer from Khmelnitsky, Zaporizka Sich from Lisichansk, Zhiguli beer from Ternopil, Zatecky Gus from Slavutych, Steam dark beer from Podil brewery, Zeman Premium Lager from Luzk. Another two labels from Zhitomir: Zhiguli beer and Zhitomir light beer, two more labels from Radomyshl: OeTTINGER Pils and OeTTINGER Weiss and ten labels from Obolon: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.


Now make a small excursion into history. This will help us 11 old labels: Dnipropetrovsk - Russian beer, Lugansk - Barley ear, Donetsk beer, Rivne - Zhiguli special beer, Cossack beer, Ternopil - Ternopil beer, Zhiguli beer, Jubilee beer, Zhiguli special beer, Barley ear, Kyiv beer.


This spring, the ukrainian producers of beer in large numbers to change the design of labels. About First privately brewery mentioned on April 18. Today - another 3 labels: Near-beer, Platinum and Galitska Korona.

Extend Chernigiv - light beer and Pub lager beer. Slavutich changes drastically - light beer, and Obolon not so serious - light beer.

Pleased with the new beer in Podil brewery - Steam beer. Lisichansk brewery produced pasteurized, as indicated on the counter label, and yet miraculously live, as evidenced by the inscription on the label, the beer Sich lager beer. Such is the enigma.

Sarmat proposes to compare the quality - light beer, near-beer, and Lviv are still calling on a journey through 100 years - 1715.

So in conclusion Lviv light beer and a new beer from Zhitomir velvet beer.


Yugen Balitskiy contributed to the common cause, who sent several labels. We begin with a joint Lugansk-Poltava product Stone ford. Beer is brewed in Poltava for Lugansk Brewery. Details of this cooperation is the I will add this option.

Pavlovsky brewery is not far behind on fashion and also produces live beer.

In conclusion - two commemorative edition of Lviv and Zhytomir.


Over the past period have accumulated a certain number of labels. Changed labels from First privately brewery. Another label from Lutsk - Zhiguli beer, three labels from Khmelnitsky: Proskuriv beer "Keif", Proskuriv premium beer, Khmelnitsky light beer. In Ternopil is no longer fashionable to simply write "unpasteurized", "no preservatives" and even "live". Creative option - "no maltose syrup". We can see these things on a new label of Coryphaeus beer.

After Lviv and Moscow Kalush Brewery moves to Krakow. Brewery Podil warrants GMOs in their Zhiguli beer. Lisichansk brewery has mastered another Class of First Zaporizhzhya brewery - honey beer.

Lviv brewery invites you to journey through a century, simultaneously updating the logo, such as live beer.

Well, a couple of labels from Poltava: Zhiguli beer and Ai-Nikola.


Zeman beer Lutsk brewery for the first time I tried it in the summer of 2009. Beer immediately liked and we have regularly visited booth at the Postal Square in Kiev, where the beer is poured. In Salyutnaya street and now you can buy both draft and bottled beer Zeman. Today we represent 4 labels: Zeman Helles, Zeman Premium Lager, Zeman Dunkel and Zeman Doppelbock.

On the eve of the new year the Mykulynzi brewery produced Mykulynzi New Year's beer. Previously, many Ukrainian breweries produced for the New Year holiday labels. Now that few can boast.

Kalus beer I discovered on September 4 this year Podol (Kyiv). Today I represent the latest acquisitions: Kalush eksportowe beer to Lviv and Kalush eksportowe beer to Moscovia.

Added 9 labels: Berdychiv lager beer, Kalush light beer, Kalush dark beer and another Kalush dark beer, Zhiguli beer from Podil brewery, Dikanka nights from Poltava, Mykulynzi New Year's beer, Proskuriv beer from Khmelnitsky brewery and Sangushko prince from Slavuta brewery.
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Added 9 labels.
Kalush eksportowe beer from Orest Krytsoon and 6 other labels.
Frankivske from Orest Krytsoon and 4 labels of Berdychiv brewery.
Added 9 labels.
Added 10 labels.
Poltava brewery: Barley ear, strong beer.
Berdychiv brewery was updated.
Lugansk brewery was updated.
Kramatorsk brewery was updated.
Yalta brewery was updated.
Lviv brewery was updated. Thanks to Victor Kafanov.
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